Top 10 Best Chinchilla Food Review And Buying Guide In 2021

Having a Chinchilla is fun and entertaining. Their non-stop restless activities will hardly cease to please you. It is tough for any animal-lover to look-away when a Chinchilla is having its great time.

This entertainment comes with great responsibility – taking care of the Chinchilla’s health. The healthier a Chinchilla stays, the more active it is. As a Chinchilla-owner, you must take good care of your pet’s health, as Chinchillas are very sensitive and fragile animals.

To ensure a healthier pet, food is the prime concern for a Chinchilla. Make sure your pet is getting enough nutrition and energy. For this, finding the best Chinchilla food is extremely important.

You can make food at home, or get processed diets like Mazuri Chinchilla Diet from stores, as well. If you are trying to find the best food for Chinchilla, you are in the right place.

In this piece of write-up, we will be reviewing the top 10 best Chinchilla foods that are available on the market. Without further ado, let’s start.

Best Chinchilla Food Reviews

Okay, we know that many pet-owners get really anxious when it comes to feeding their pets. It’s natural and good to have that anxiety, given that food is extremely important. That being said, you don’t need to worry that much, either.

For you, we have gone through the different good Chinchilla food and compiled complete reviews on the top 10 best food for a Chinchilla. So sit back and relax, this is going to save you time and energy.

Let’s go!

1. Mazuri Chinchilla Diet

Mazuri Chinchilla Diet

Highlighted Features

  • All age supporting food.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Rich in fibre and omega 3 fatty acid
  • Includes flaxseed for good eyesight.
  • Contains probiotics for digestive improvements.

On the top of our list is Mazuri Chinchilla Diet. This special food will support your pet at different levels of its life. You can easily feed it to the young, middle-aged, and old Chinchilla at the same time. The way it’s prepared is all-natural, and it is nutritionally complete, thus making it a great food option for all-age Chinchillas.

The nutrition your pet gets from the Mazuri Chinchilla Diet is enough to keep it active all day. You don’t need to supplement your pet with other supplementary food.

Including timothy hay, this food is rich in fibre, helping better digestion and easy swallowing. Consuming this tasty sweet-smelling food, your pet will have Omega-3 fatty acids that will improve its digestive system. Live probiotics will also help your Chinchilla develop great gastrointestinal health.

The food has a balanced mixture of 20% protein, 3% fat, and 18% fibre which affirms that your pet will have great energy to run on that wheel!

One of the best parts of this diet is that it comes in pellets that encourages natural chewing and eating habit for your Chinchilla. It won’t be going overboard to say that the Mazuri Chinchilla diet is one of the best Chinchilla food pellets.

  • Sweet and tasty to eat.
  • Pellet food allows natural eating.
  • Good for the digestive system.
  • Triggers healthy fur and skin development.
  • Not the perfect food for pregnant Chinchillas.

2. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix

Highlighted Features

  • Contains protected probiotics.
  • Rich in Omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Mixed food solution for fruit and vegetable seeds.
  • All-natural food.

Number second on our list is Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix. It’s a great mixture of different seeds that come from natural and healthy fruits and other agro products.

A number of Chinchilla food available on the market is preserved in an unhealthy way. This can be a matter of concern. With Higgins Sunburst Mix, this isn’t anything to worry about, as it’s preserved through natural means. The packaging is also done in such a way that it doesn’t fall into the risk of being contaminated in any way.

A mixture of wheat, grain, and oat is the secret behind the healthy food solution that keeps your Chinchilla as playful as it is.

To ease up your worry, the Higgins Sunburst Chinchilla Food Mix is free from all sorts of added artificial colour and non-natural ingredients.

The food contains DHA-rich ingredients with Omega-3 fatty acid that helps your pet to build healthy digestion and sharp eyesight.

Moreover, Docosahexaenoic acid also aids in improving the brain function of your little pal.

It also triggers natural gum development and the development of strong dental health. This nutrient-rich, tasty food can be the perfect choice for your Chinchilla.

  • Improves digestion system.
  • Helps develop great eyesight.
  • Triggers excellent brain-function.
  • No artificial ingredients and colour.
  • The production process is not 100% organic.

3. Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food

Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food

Highlighted Features

  • Highly rich in fibre.
  • No artificial colour added.
  • No artificial sweetener mixed.
  • A balanced proportion of protein and fat.

Trust us; it’s not easy to find a perfectly balanced nutritious food for pet animals. Every pet owner can feel it, right? But the Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Chinchilla Food comes with a great surprise. A great combination of macro and micro-ingredients makes it a nutritionally balanced food solution.

Containing 16% protein, 19% fibre, and 3% fat, the Supreme Petfoods Chinchilla food can be a great option for you to meet all the dietary needs of your pet. It’s rich in fibre that directly affects the improvement of the digestive system.

The food contains no added sugar, which means the sweetness your pet enjoys is 100% natural. To add to that, the food has a positive effect on the development of healthy and shiny fur and skin of your pet.

Say goodbye to anything artificial with the all-naturally coloured food. No artificial colour is used while making this food mix.

Its pellet-based serving restricts your Chinchilla to eat whatever it is served. It won’t be able to leave out any healthy ingredient, thus will consume all the nutrition it needs from the food.

  • Pellet-based serving encourages natural eating.
  • Natural sweetener allows natural dental growth.
  • Helps maintain a healthy digestive process.
  • Low-fat for no extra weight gain.
  • No chance for foraging.

4. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Chinchilla Food

F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Chinchilla Food

Highlighted Features

  • Fortified with vitamin and nutrients
  • Supports daily dietary need
  • Rich in Timothy Hay and Alfalfa fibre
  • A mixture of fruits, veggies, and other seeds.

Looking for a perfect mix of different veggies, fruits, and other healthy ingredients for your pet? F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Chinchilla Food is here!

It’s a great blend of healthy food containing rose petals, veggies, fruits, oats & barleys, and many more! What better fun can you introduce to your pet while eating!

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Food is specially formulated for the daily dietary need of your pet. It’s perfectly vitamin-nutrient-fortified ingredients will make sure your Chinchilla maintains great health.

High fibre from Timothy Hay and Alfalfa pallets are very supportive when it comes to easy and smooth digestion. It gradually improves the total digestion system of your pet.

Vitamin B12 of the food directly helps to improve the metabolism of your Chinchilla. The stronger metabolism your pet possesses, the healthier it gets.  

The immune system of your Chinchilla is going to be way better after regular consumption of this food mix. The antioxidants from the vegetable parts ensure better immunity.

  • Improves better digestion.
  • Supports optimum metabolism.
  • Sweat and tasty for appetite.
  • Includes baked crisps.
  • No artificial colours, added flavour, or preservatives.
  • An immediate introduction can cause loose-stool.

5. ZUPREEM 230020 Nature’S Promise Chinchilla Pellets Food

ZUPREEM 230020 Nature'S Promise Chinchilla Pellets Food

Highlighted Features

  • Weed-Free Timothy hay fibre
  • Adult Chinchilla special version
  • Contains necessary minerals and vitamins
  • Includes linseeds
  • Pellet design for natural eating

Do you have an adult Chinchilla and looking for a good food option just made for your pet? No worries, Zupreem Nature’s Promise Chinchilla Pellets Food is a great option for you! It’s specially produced just for the adult Chinchillas.

It is prepared from natural Timothy Hay, for which it’s rich in fibre. The high fibre supports and improves the digestive process of your little friend. The mix makes sure your Chinchilla is getting the daily diet it needs.

The food is carefully monitored for pesticides while making. In addition, it contains weed-free Timothy Hay, which is the best kind of hay you can ask for.

To fill up the protein need of your pet, the Zupreem Nature’s Promise Chinchilla Pellet Food has flaxseeds in it. The flaxseeds help your pet grow healthy skin and shiny fur.   

In addition to Vitamin E, the food is formulated with different essential vitamins and minerals. The pellet design of the serving can keep up the natural eating habit of your pet. Your pet will have a regular healthy chewing session, which will improve its dental health, as well.

  • Helps grow better digestion.
  • Good care for dental health.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • No harmful chemicals used.
  • Brightens up skin and fur.
  • No treat that may increase appetite.

6. Vitakraft Vitanature Chinchilla Food

Vitakraft Vitanature Chinchilla Food

Highlighted Features

  • It is completely natural.
  • Packed with antioxidants for the improved natural immune system.
  • Long strand fibre for better digestion.
  • Mix-up of varieties of herb, veggies, flowers, and grains.

The Vitakraft Vitanature Chinchilla Food is a great source of nutrients for your pet. It’s tasty, delicious, and it has a variety of natural ingredients like flowers, herbs, vegetables, grains, berries, and many more! A perfect mixture that promotes natural foraging for pets!

This specially made Chinchilla food is very rich in antioxidants that directly improves the immune system of your little furry friend.

It has an interesting proportion of nutrients – 15% fibre, 3% fat, and 16% protein. Not to mention, the high protein is quite necessary for younger Chinchillas for muscle building and growing up faster.

Besides all these amazing benefits, you get a chemical-free, preservative-free product that has no artificial colouring or unnatural flavour. What more can you expect for your little pet at a good deal of price?

The long-strand fibre provides better digestion to your pet. Forget about loose-stool and all things messy. Great digestion begets great health!

According to many pet owners, with few exceptions, Chinchillas love this food. As it encourages foraging, it’s even better for their natural instinct to be in place.

  • Promotes healthy digestions.
  • Encourages natural foraging.
  • Completely balanced diet.
  • Great taste and appetite.
  • Very low in fat.

7. Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food

Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food

Highlighted Features

  • Formulated from Timothy Hay and Flax.
  • Soy-Free and Grain-Free ingredients.
  • Contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Balanced nutrition with a premium formulation.

Although less heard of, Sherwood is a highly recommendable brand in the pet food industry. Their Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food can be a very good choice for nutrition in-take of any adult Chinchilla.

It is carefully prepared to put all the natural ingredients that are needed as a daily meal for a Chinchilla. Protein, fat, fibre, calcium, salt, etc. are all your pet is going to have while having this delicious meal.

With a 24% proportion of fibre, it is definitely going to improve the digestion system of your pet. Building and retaining muscle for your little adult friend won’t be an issue, as the food contains 15% protein, as well.

Soy and grain may appear as a bottleneck for better digestion for many small pets. This soy-free and grain-free food is a perfect choice for those who are trying to get rid of these two ingredients.

Not to mention, the high fibre comes from the naturally produced Timothy Hay. Chinchillas just love Timothy Hay, don’t they?

Your little Chinchilla is going to have improved eyesight and food breakdown with a little help of Omega 3 fatty acid. Not only Omega 3, but the Sherwood Pet Health Adult Chinchilla Food also contains Omega 6 fatty acids to keep the cholesterol level of your pet just inside the safe zone!   

  • Regular intake promotes better digestion.
  • Improves eyesight and brain function.
  • High in fibre for better food breakdown.
  • Good for muscle build-up.
  • Not enough variation in nutrition.

8. Kaytee Chinchilla Food Blend

Kaytee Chinchilla Food Blend

Highlighted Features

  • High fibre food made by Timothy Hay.
  • Corn-free hay.
  • Added vitamins and minerals.
  • Naturally preserved for freshness
  • Pelleted pieces.

Kaytee is one of the most trusted pet food brands you can find. Their healthy, nutritious, and natural food is equally loved by different pet animals. Chinchillas are no different. The Kaytee Chinchilla Food Blend is a great food for Chinchilla that is made from natural Timothy Hay.

To improve and maintain the digestive system of your pet, the Kaytee Chinchilla Food Blend has a good proportion of Probiotic and Prebiotics. You can’t expect anything less when the food is made from Hay, can you?

The size and serving of the food are very alluring to the pet that it will be chewing it very passionately. This chewing habit will ensure great dental health for your loving Chinchilla.

A top quality serving in the pack does not contain any type of loose seed or sugary food. You can ensure both the happy meal and healthy meal at the same time!

  • Encourages natural chewing.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Supports dental health.
  • High protein for muscle growth.
  • No variety in serving.

9. Kaytee FortiDiet ProHealth Chinchilla Food

Kaytee FortiDiet ProHealth Chinchilla Food

Highlighted Features

  • Larger and longer serving.
  • Re-sealable bag for better preservation.
  • High protein and high fibre food.
  • Optimum pre and probiotic.

Here we go! Another great product from Kaytee. The Kaytee FortiDiet ProHealth Chinchilla Food is an ideal choice for any aged Chinchillas. Whether your pet is young, middle-aged, or adult, you can easily feed this to your little friend.

The hay-based food comes with longer and crunchier pieces that your pet will love to chew all day! Not to mention, this will benefit their gum and dental health in the long run.

Ample proportion of pro and prebiotic ensures a better digestive system in your pet. The way the food is naturally preserved, there is no way your pet gets weird digestion! It is naturally preserved to keep up the ideal freshness.

It is rich with natural Anti-oxidants that triggers a better immune system and better overall health of your little buddy.

  • Supports gum and dental health.
  • Encourages natural chewing habit.
  • Rich in Anti-oxidants.
  • Natural preservation system.
  • Some Chinchillas may face a hard time getting used to this.

10. Higgins Sunburst Veggie Stix Gourmet Treats Chinchillas

Higgins Sunburst Veggie Stix Gourmet Treats Chinchillas

Highlighted Features

  • Zip locking system for preservation.
  • Crunchy meal.
  • Rich in protein.
  • High in fibre.

Last but not least, another Higgins Sunburst Product! The Higgins Sunburst Veggies Stix is a great source of a crunchy meal for your pet.

It is made from a unique and exciting mixture of cooked vegetables, sun-cured hays, and natural grains. Together, these ingredients produce a perfect meal that takes care of your Guinea Pig, Rabbit & Chinchilla’s health with ease!

The crunchy meal will allow your pet to practice all the dental gymnasts it needs, that too, while having its food!

When you get to feed your pet a variety of food like ground corn, ground wheat, sun-cured alfalfa, ground carrots, ground beets, sunflower oil, and cellulose, you will hardly think of any other brand other than Higgins Veggie Stix!

  • Promotes good digestion.
  • Meets regular diet requirement.
  • Tasty sticks for easy eating.
  • Contains a lower volume of fat compared to other pet food.

Buying Guide For Best Chinchilla Food

If you are reading this, we suppose you have already gone through our reviews on the best Chinchilla food. You must have noticed that Chinchillas are herbivores, meaning they only live on plant and vegetable food. Hay, grain, fruit, veggies, etc. – these are what fill up their little stomach.

While feeding a Chinchilla, you must be careful about its weight, size, and ability to digest. It may take in a few different foods out of curiosity, but not all food is beneficial for its health.

If you are planning to purchase packed-food for your Chinchilla and asking yourself what is the best Chinchilla food to get, here are some key points for your kind information.

Don’t compromise with cheaper products

Your Chinchilla is not just an animal. It’s a part of your family. Consider it as one when you feed it. Many pet owners tend to spend less while buying food for their pets as it a less-important product. Whereas, this is one of the key important matter for your pet’s life. You should never compromise in this case. Try to purchase the best quality product like Mazuri Chinchilla Diet with whatever price-tag it comes with.

Look for fibre-rich food

Chinchillas have a very sensitive digestive system. Unlike a human, a Chinchilla entirely lives on herbs. For this reason, you must ensure the hay or plant food that your pet is getting contain a rich amount of fibre. The more fibre, the better digestion your pet can have. You can easily try out a few of our reviewed products that are rich in fibre, such as Supreme Petfoods Chinchilla Food.

Hay and grass

Like most other similar types of animals, Chinchillas also grow teeth throughout their lives. So regular chewing helps their teeth in control and in shape. Hay and grass are essential food elements that are very helpful for their chewing habits. As they will chew hay or grass all day, it will support their teeth-growth. For the best result, try finding Timothy hay, Oat hay, Alfalfa hay, and Orchard grass.

Don’t forget fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies are vital parts of a Chinchilla’s diet. While choosing packed-food, we often forget the very basic food elements for our pets. Most Packed food like Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Chinchilla Food Mix has lots of fruit and vegetable ingredients included. Try those out for the best eating experience for your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my Chinchilla eat Rabbit or Gerbil food?

Answer: Although Rabbits, Gerbil, and Chinchillas are similar types of herbivores, their dietary plan can vary. For example, the digestive system of a Chinchilla is more complex than a Rabbit’s digestive system. Even if your Chinchilla enjoys some Rabbit food, you should always feed it food that is specially made for Chinchillas.

Read related article: Top 10 Gerbil Food

2. Can Chinchillas eat human food? 

Answer: Yes. Yet, it depends on the type of food we are talking about. Humans also eat veggies and herbs. You can share some of these with your pet. Sharing other types of processed and non-veg food with your pet is not a good idea at all.

3. Can Chinchillas eat their poop? 

Answer: Unfortunately, yes. If you are not taking good care of your pet’s cage, it is possible that they will end up eating their own poop. Having a clean cage is absolutely necessary if you want your Chinchilla to be healthy and clean.


It’s true for every pet-owner that they get a little bit anxious when it comes to feeding their loving pet. Why shouldn’t they be? Feeding an animal that depends entirely on the human owner is a tough responsibility and a serious matter. Finding the best brand of Chinchilla food should and must be the prime concern of every Chinchilla owner.

In this article, we have compiled the reviews of the best Chinchilla food to ease up your burden. We have found the Mazuri Chinchilla Food to be the best choice you can make for your Chinchilla.

If you don’t think this one is for your pet, you can get any of the other food we have reviewed here. Tell us which one you like! We will be delighted to learn from you!

Have a great day!