The 10 Best Bedding For Rabbits In 2021 [Buying Guide]

From the beginning of “The Pet Advisor” journey, we have tremendous assistance from numerous rabbit vets.

So, David is one of them, who always serves his best. As a follow-up, he aimed to help us with choosing the best bedding for rabbits. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding is one of his ideal recommendations.

Moreover, our previous post about guinea pig bedding had been blessed by this expert. And, this is the dominant logic for comforting over his support and recommendation.

Besides, he has some spiritual connection with the rabbits (we believe). Maybe this is the reason why he could make a precise bedding idea for the pet owner community within a short time.

Inside that expert idea, he pointed out the problems of rabbit beddings. And then put some solutions regarding the obstacle. So, before writing about his given ideas. Let’s look at the topics that this whole article will cover:

  • The disease that occurs from bedding.
  • Information about different bedding materials.
  • Best rabbit bedding ideas.
  • Rabbit bedding buying guide.
  • Question/Answer.
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The disease that occurs from bedding:

Alright, David preferred to talk about the bedding problem first. In that part, he pointed this following thing: 

Softwood type shavings

These shavings are made of Cedar and Pinewood. As well as, both have an aromatic smell to control the odor.

For making that sweet-smelling, the manufacturer injects a natural chemical called phenol. And this phenol is harmful to the rabbit’s health.

Such as, it causes cancer and liver disease. For protecting the bunnies from those types of life-threatening conditions, David had created a unique information chart, which will be discussed in the latter part.

Information about different bedding materials:

For this stage, David shared some exclusive details on the bedding materials. Inside the data, he tried to point out the positive and negative sides of the elements. Therefore, the explanations are as follows:

  • Paper Pulp:

This material creates low-level dust and has an excellent absorbent. Subsequently, it is an excellent source of compost.

  • Pellets like dry grass: 

The ingredient has the same dust and absorbing power as paper pulp. Even in some cases, it is better than the earlier one. For example, it has no side effects because the rabbit can digest this easily.

  • Shredded paper: 

For the fair absorbent and least dust production, this ingredient is good enough. Despite that, it has a problem, which is: digestion problem for overeating. Apart from that, it is biodegradable.

  • Straw:

And the last ingredient of our rabbit vet’s information list is straw, which creates high dust. Moreover, it has an inadequate absorbent capacity. But, according to experts “it has no health risk, rather best for chewing”

Based on the earlier explained problems and information, David had proposed some recommendations as to the solution.

In that proposal, he suggested some products for the rabbit owner community, which includes his opinion, as well. And he divided those recommendations into four parts, which are:

Best bedding for rabbit’s cage

At his first proposal, he showed a list of seven products. And these products are perfect for indoor, outdoor, and travel cages.

In a nutshell, these seven products will provide a 360-degree solution. So, without delay, let’s see the products offer:

1. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Ok, the first product of this list is made from natural paper pulp. As a result, the rabbit gets an adjustable bed and a relaxed sleeping option. Inside the bedding there are more offers, for example:

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding


This bedding offers a chemical and artificial color-free product. Which means, safe bedding for rabbits. 

Also, one can use the bedding for various purposes, since it comes in huge quantity. For example:

If A pet owner orders a regular or any other mentioned size product, then the producer will get a double-sized product. It means the quantity is better than the proper size.

Apart from all earlier said things, people have great concern about rabbit health. For them, our rabbit vet said:

“This product is made from unbleached fiber, which is fresh, and not even recycled for printing. Therefore, it is perfect for rabbit health.”

For summarizing the entire offer, here we have added pros and cons option with expert opinion:

  • Healthy for the rabbit.
  • Comfortable to sleep.
  • Large quantity.
  • High absorbing power.
  • It does not control odor.

2. Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

The next one is from the same brand but has an enormous variety. For example, it is white and easy to maintain; in fact, it is comfortable for sleeping and burrowing. 

For learning more about the product, let’s see the product offers below:

Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

Product offers:

Small Pet Select focused mainly on solving the existing problems of the rabbit owner. As an extension, it provides healthy bedding.

It means, the ingredient of the product has come from unbleached fiber, which is made explicitly for bedding purposes.

Moreover, these paper pulps are food graded. So, there is no chance of health risk, if the rabbit chews and swallows.

Besides, the manufacturer is also concerned about comfort. That’s why they made the product soft and fluffy.

For being fluffy and soft, it does not mean; this product needs high maintenance. Instead, it offers low maintenance because it is dust free and has high absorbent. 

With that offer, the producer also provides a double quantity product at the time of shipment. For example, this three-pack package will come with a considerable quantity, at the time of delivery.

In total, this product is a decent solution for a long time. To sum up the entire discussion, here are the pros and cons option with an expert solution:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Healthy for the rabbit.
  • Wastage can be used as compost.
  • Biodegradable
  • Poor packaging.

3. Small Pet Select Timothy Hay And Bedding

For the third position, David recommended a one-stop service where hay and bedding are included. And it is named as the combo pack by the manufacturer. Inside the package, there are several things, and it will be detailed in the product offer section below:

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay And Bedding

Product offer:

This product comes in with some meaningful solutions; for example, a rabbit needs 80% hay in its regular diet.

To fill up that needs, the manufacturer has combined timothy hay inside the combo pack. And the grass is second cut.

As a result, regular nutrition needs are fulfilled. Besides, fluffy and flexible bedding with shredded paper has ensured the comfort of the rabbit.

With that rich paper pulp, a rabbit can easily pass the quality time by burrowing. To make the playing time smooth, the producer has added a high absorbent power.

For this capacity, the maintenance becomes more effortless. As a result, a healthy environment and comfortable playing zone have ensured.

In a word, all the essential needs of a rabbit are lie here. To sum up the detail, here we have designed pros and cons option with expert opinion:

  • Low maintenance
  • Healthy and environment-friendly.
  • It comes with hay.
  • Proper nutrition has ensured.
  • Some of the packages have softwood shaving.

4. Small Pet Select Deluxe Combo Pack For Rabbits

The fourth recommendation of this list is similar to the earlier one. But there are some slight changes, for example, the quantity and quality

For illustrating the difference, we need to show you the product offers and they are as follows:

Small Pet Select Deluxe Combo Pack For Rabbits

Product offers:

In this product, the producer provides three types of products, namely: pellets, timothy hay, and shredded paper bedding.

And all of these solve some significant problems. For example, pellets have a well-balanced vitamin and mineral. So, this pack ensures a balanced vitamin.

Next is timothy hay, and it is a second cut. As a result, it completes the regular demand for grass through it’s freshness.

The reason behind saying fresh is: handmade and full of nutrition value. For that reason, the rabbit owner can freely serve this to their pet for eating.

After that timothy hay, the next recommendation is about rabbit bedding. This bedding is comfortable and highly absorbent. Besides, it is perfect for burrowing since it is made of shredded paper.

Therefore, we can sum up the whole discussion into the pros and cons option with an expert opinion.

  • Proper balance of vitamins and nutrition.
  • Timothy hay is second cut.
  • Handmade.
  • Comfortable bedding.
  • The odor-controlling is not up to the mark.

Indoor rabbit bedding

For this second chapter, our expert picked some fancy and comfortable indoor rabbit cage bedding. These are different from earlier four linens, in fact, a better choice for indoor cages.

To explain the term “better” in detail, here we are paraphrasing  David’s recommendation below:

1. GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

Our vet personally used this product for his bunny, Benny. From his experience, he believes that it can solve various problems. And they are in the product offer:

GuineaDad Liner | Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners

Product offers:

Since fleece bedding has health risks, the manufacturer of this product has ensured the danger, through some statements.

For example, the product is made from bamboo fiber. As a result, the chance of a bacterial, fungal, microbial attack is less.

Moreover, the pet is secured from respiratory attack for its built-in odor control. And this is how health risk got reduced.

The next solution is high absorbent power. Inside this fleece, bedding has excellent water and dust absorbing capacity, which keeps the comfort zone on line.

And the third one is low maintenance and biodegradable. Consequently, one can use this as compost.

In total, this bedding ensures the ultimate comfort for rabbits and guinea pigs. For condensing, the detail in short; here are some pros and cons with the expert opinion.

  • Fancy and comfortable.
  • Healthy for rabbits and Guinea pigs.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • High absorbent.
  • Odor controlling capacity is not up to the mark.

2. Lmlly Rabbit Grass Mat

After the fleece liner, the rabbit vet suggested a unique grass mat, which comes in various product offers. And the proposals are:

PETAVI Liver Support Pack of 3

Product offer:

The expert calls this product “all inside one.” It means the mat has everything a rabbit needs. For example, the rabbit can chew this because the rug is made from grass; therefore, it has no health risk.

It is also better for pet teeth, if the pet swallows the grass, then no need to worry since the grass mat contains 34% fiber.

As a result, the rabbit can digest it quickly. Besides, the product has high absorbency, so the chance of leakage is less.

Besides, the small pet can sleep on the mat conveniently, as the matt is soft. With that said, we can conclude that the grass mat is good enough for rabbit to sleep on.

For concluding the whole part, we have structured pros and cons options with expert opinion:

  • Good source of fiber.
  • Comfortable to sleep.
  • Enough water resistance.
  • This product is not perfect for all types of rabbit.

3. Small Pet Select Paper and Aspen Bedding Combo

The third suggestion from our rabbit vet is a combo pack. For suggesting the product, he mentioned that:

Those who are confused about buying wood shaving or paper-based bedding, they can try this combo pack. And it will help them to compare which one is best.

For making that comparison procedure easier, here we have given a product offering below.

Small Pet Select Paper and Aspen Bedding Combo

Product offer:

This product comes in two different bags, and one of the bags is full of shredded paper, the other one is full of aspen shavings.

Now, the quality of the shredded paper bag is excellent, since it is made from unbleached fiber, which is raw. It means the paper pulp has been used solely for rabbit bedding.

And it is chew-friendly and has high absorbency. Also, the rabbit can sleep over the paper shredding conveniently, because it is dust-free.

Like the paper bedding, the aspen wood shavings has some quality offers. Such as, odor-controlling is far better than paper bedding.

Besides the great thing, aspen shavings has the risk of respiratory infection. For reducing that risk, the manufacturer has eliminated the risk factors from wood shavings.

To do that, they did not apply any artificial thing instead employing rabbit vets and scientists, to bring the best one.

In a nutshell, this combo pack is comparatively best, before switching to new bedding. Since it shares some unique experiences with the pet owner. For summarizing the entire discussion in word, here are the pros and cons with expert opinion:

  • Two different types of bedding.
  • It is recommended by the rabbit vet.
  • Healthy and biodegradable.
  • Comes in large size.
  • The paper bedding cannot control the odor.

Cheap rabbit bedding

In this chapter, we will point out two suggestions about budget-friendly litters, that not only saves money but also serves the best care for small animals. And the products are:

1. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

This bedding is so for the most comfortable bedding, according to the vet. Because his pet loved this one as their regular bedding.

So, what the product offers? Let’s look at the product offer then:

carefresh 99% Dust-Free

Product offer:

Basically, it provides three meaningful solutions for the owners within its budgets. Therefore, the services are:

It has ten days of odor-controlling facilities, which means, the environment is safe from lousy smell for ten days.

The next one is high absorbency; through this capability, it serves the best comfort for rabbit playing and sleeping.

And the third one is easy maintenance and low rate of health risk. For ensuring that the manufacturer used virgin fiber paper pulp.

As a result, the rabbit can sleep comfortably and free from health risks like bacteria, microbial, and fungal. Furthermore, the cleaning of that paper pulp is more natural. Rabbit can sleep comfortably and free from health risks like bacteria, microbial, and fungal. Moreover, the cleaning of that paper pulp is more natural.

In other words, this product supports the precise solution within a tight budget. For filtering the entire discussion into a measurement, here we designed the pros and cons option with expert opinion.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Healthy for the rabbit.
  • Free from dust and artificial color.
  • Odor controlling.
  • Odor does not stay more than seven days

2. Kaytee Clean & Cozy Colored Small Animal Bedding

Likewise, the earlier one, this bedding solves three significant problems. The product offer is better than the previous one. For understanding more about the product offer, let’s look at the product offer section:

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Purple Bedding

Product offer:

First, this product has the highest odor-controlling capacity. For that reason, the chances of environmental pollution are less.

With this power, it protects the rabbit from all sorts of bacteria, fungus, and respiratory bug attacks. As a result, the small animal gets a comfortable ground for playing and sleeping.

At the time of passing that right time, there is a chance of spoiling the place for natural wastage. For defending the wastage, it has high absorbency. 

Being highly absorbent, it does not mean that the maintenance is high. Instead, paper pulp cleaning is more straightforward.

In sum, this kaytee bedding provides the best outcome within its budget. For filtering the complete details, we endeavored to create pros and cons option with expert opinion.  

  • Good absorbing power.
  • Highest odor-controlling capacity.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It is not chew-friendly.

Best rabbit bedding for odor control:

Considering all their demand, our expert suggested a litter which not only controls the odor but also serves other needs. And the bedding is:

1. Oxbow Pure Comfort Bedding

It has an excellent reputation in the pet market, for fulfilling consumer demand precisely. That’s why our rabbit vet preferred this.

Oxbow Pure Comfort Small Animal Bedding

Product Offer

Since the odor-controlling capacity of this bedding is extreme, without any doubt, we can say, this is the best one for controlling the odor.

Along with odor-controlling capacity, it has a quite good dust and absorbent control system. As a result, the small pet gets an expected comfort.

Besides, the virgin fiber paper provides a chew-friendly option and risk-free playing zone. To keep the playing time more vibrant, Oxbow removed all the bacterial, fungal, and other bug attacks.

In a nutshell, it provides not only odor-controlling support but also serves all other essential needs according to the unique pet owner community needs.

For screening the whole idea, we shave preferred pros and cons option with an expert opinion below:

  • Extreme odor control.
  • Rabbit health-friendly.
  • Wastage can be used as a compost.
  • The packaging is not satisfying.

With this recommendation, our rabbit vet David had concluded his previous discussion about the best bedding for rabbits. 

Through that discussion, we believe: the rabbit owner community has found their expected bedding solution. For making the solution stronger, a buying guide we have attached below:

Rabbit bedding buying guide: Try To Consider These Thing

In this section; we will write some specific topics, for making the pet owner buying cycle smoothly. 

Health friendliness: 

We suggest checking the rabbit’s health friendliness. Means, what types of chemicals are used here? Is it healthy for the rabbit? Is the materials are safe? Finding these questions answers may help to ensure healthy bedding.

Odor controlling:

In this stage, we prefer to check the odor-controlling capacity of bedding. And believe that, this is one of the crucial elements to consider. For example, if you have bedding like Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding that comes with high odor control, you don’t need much maintenance. 


Finally, we suggest seeing the flexibility of cleaning the wastage. Usually, most of the bedding are easy to clean.

If the pet owner follows the earlier said criteria, then the chance of winning proper bedding like Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding is high. 

How to Clean Rabbit Bedding?

There are no specific rules regarding how often you should clean your rabbit bedding.

But if you make a routine, you will remain hassle-free at the end of the day. Because, if you don’t perform cleaning rabbit bedding, you will end up with a mess.

Daily Rabbit Bedding Cleaning

  • Check your rabbit bedding twice in a day, whether any uneaten fruits are there or not. Remove if there are any uneaten fruits left.
  • Give a thorough wash to the food bowl.
  • Use a bottle brush to wash the water bottle and refill it.
  • Scoop up the litter box. If required, add or change the litter box.

Weekly Rabbit Bedding Cleaning

  • After removing all the toys from the bedding, use soapy water to clean them.
  • Alter the fabric bedding from the cage.
  • Give a well-rinse using hot water and vinegar. This way, stubborn urine deposits will be removed.
  • Disinfect the bedding using bleach. Make sure after disinfecting, you have rinsed the cage very well. Also, if you own a wooden cage, don’t choose disinfectants to clean the cage because if the wood is inappropriately sealed, the chemicals will be soaked by the wood.

Safety First – What Rabbit Bedding to Avoid?

Rabbit loves to sleep on materials that don’t mean you will make rabbit bedding using any type of materials.

Below are a few materials that should be avoided as rabbit bedding.

Cat Litter: You may think; cat litter is soft as well as comfortable. But the fact is, cat litter produces dust and your rabbit may feel sinus problems.

Straw: You can choose hay as rabbit bedding. However, straws will give irritate feelings. Moreover, straw can get dye and create a stain on the rabbit fur.

Sawdust: Sawdust is not an ideal bedding option for a rabbit. It also needs to be avoided because your rabbit will feel irritation on the eyes and nose.

Newspaper: In recent times, the newspaper uses say-based and edible ink. Rabbits love to eat newspapers. And these inks contain a harmful toxic chemical. So, it is better to avoid using a newspaper for your rabbit bedding.

Best Rabbit Bedding – How Will You Decide?

What is the best rabbit bedding? The most common question of a rabbit owner. Find the below bullet points to learn about the answer.

  • The best rabbit bedding has to be able to provide safe, warm, and comfortable feeling while resting and sleeping.
  • In a secured place, the bedding has to be placed so that the rabbit feels secure.
  • Always keep the bedding clean and dry. Frequent cleaning is mandatory so that no bacteria can develop.
  • Make sure; the temperature is between 60° – 70°C in the surrounding of the bedding. Your bunny will feel comfortable at this temperature.
  • Choose bedding that doesn’t make any odor. This way, your rabbit and the cage area will remain odor-free.

Where to Put the Bedding?

Don’t place the rabbit bedding in a noisy place. Put the bedding where your rabbit gets mild sunlight. Do look for a place where everything is clean and doesn’t create dust because, due to dust, your rabbit lungs can become damaged.

How Often Should You Change the Bedding?

However, changing the rabbit bedding is necessary to keep your rabbit active and healthy. Based on the few factors like how many rabbits you are keeping in the cage and what material you are using for rabbit bedding, you need to change the bed.

Although it would be best if you change the bedding every after 3 – 4 days.


Based on the questions, we intended to create this article. Later our expert David made the idea stronger with his expert analysis. And we are thankful to him for the fantastic support.