Get The 20 Best Automatic Pet Feeder Ideas – Reduce Your Stress 50%

Feeding your pet can give you a bummer. All the maintaining, all those hassles, and all those mess-ups. Damn! Who knew keeping a pet is this hard?

Oh please, don’t blame your little fluffy friend. When you own a pet, you’re basically playing it’s Mommy. But if you think feeding your pet is just getting on your nerves, you can get yourself an automated pet feeder.

It will make sure your pet gets its food in due time. On top of that, these feeders will save your little buddy from getting overfed. But getting the best automatic pet feeder like SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder isn’t that easy. And now the market is full of bad-quality junks, things get way too much complicated.

Well, that’s where I play my role. I’ll make sure you can get the best automatic pet feeder for yourself. So, without further chit-chat, let’s dive in.

Best Automated Pet Feeder Reviews

So, here I’m talking about all the best automatic pet feeders that are holding their reputation for being the hottest. I’ve also mentioned the buying guide and recommended a few products for you specifically so that you can find the information handy.

1. SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder


  • Prevent the stealing of food from other pet animals.
  • Only accessible to one pet via the MicroChip process.
  • Can contain about 400ml of wet or dry foods for your pet.
  • Training mode.
  • Durable and high-resistant stainless food bowls available.
  • Closes its lid with the neoprene lip.
  • Smooth programmable food schedule.

So you have a fluffy, cute, cuddly cat which is often abused by other animals especially at mealtime. No worries, SureFeed microchip pet feeder is the ultimate solution to equally distribute pet food for your multi-pet home.

This machine is compatible to serve food only to one assigned microchip id pet. From now on, whenever your lovely mellow pet shall come near this feeder, it will automatically feed your pet. Just get your little friend a 15-digit microchip number from your nearby veterinarian.

Don’t worry about overfeeding. This feeder gives a definite amount of food at each mealtime. As a result, your pet will get proper nutrition and will gain controlled weight.

After giving each meal, the lid of the feeder automatically closes itself and seals the opening with a neoprene lip. Thus, the food inside remains fresh and healthier for a longer time.

On top of that, this little machine can hold 13.5 fl. Oz of dry & wet food. So, whether it’s prescription food or regular pet food, your pet won’t miss her right share of food.

2. PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed


  • Feeding pets at regular & fixed times.
  • Food bowls are dishwasher safe.
  • The hopper can hold up to 24 cups of dry or moist food.
  • The time for meals can be pre-programmed.
  • Food bowls are made up of durable stainless steel.

Set up schedules for your pets’ feeding time with the help of a built-in clock and LCD screen. Though, this feeder has an automatic food dispenser that dispenses food 2 times a day automatically. But here’s the twist, you can also set your pet’s meal up to 12 times a day according to your pet’s needs.

If your pet is a quick eater then this feeder unique Slow Feed option is for you. It dispenses food every 15 minutes. So your pet along with getting food will also be improving its digestive system avoiding stomach bloat.

With the help of a scheduled food dispensing system, appease your bunny’s appetite by giving flexible portions of food from ⅛ to 4 cups. Small pets usually benefit from taking small meals at regular intervals.

Out of home? Worrying about food getting stolen by other pets? Relax!

This feeder has a Pet Proof dispensing function which prevents food from getting stolen by other pets.

The transparent and firm lid of the feeder seals the food; to protect the nutrition and keeps food fresh for a long time. It will also help you to see through when to refill food inside the feeder.

This whole feeder machine is made up of BPA-free plastic components, as a result, no health threat to your animal. The food bowls are also dishwasher safe and pretty easy to clean up the mess after your pets finish up eating.

3. Petmate Pet Café Feeder

Petmate Pet Café Feeder


  • Environment friendly & easily cleanable.
  • Auto refilling due to gravity designed food dispenser.
  • Can hold up to 6lb/2kg of food.
  • Stable and strong food container.
  • Transparent lid to observe available food in the jar.
  • Made of eco-friendly PET plastic.
  • Available in 3 sizes.

An eco-friendly and recyclable pet feeder for your furry friend at home. Made of PET plastic, as a result, your pet is secured of any toxic elements that may harm your soft puppy friend.

This feeder is manufactured in a gravity-designed way, as a result whenever the food level gets low. It automatically fills up the food reservoirs instantly. 

For having its long-time food refill capacity, you won’t need to worry if you are out of home, or busy at work.

Also, Petmate food dispensers can hold up to 2kg of food, which will help multi-pet animals to get fed. Its food accommodation capacity depends on its size, as it comes with three different sizes from S, M & L.

The opener of the feeder securely locks itself to the base for stronger stability. Plus, the feeder is lightweight and the grip is very congenial, as a result, you can carry it anywhere easily.

It also comes with some handy accessories like gravity water bowls that will quench your pet’s thirst. Airtight dry food container for preserving food quality and nutrition, so that your pet remains healthy.

4. IRIS Pet Elevated Feeder

IRIS Pet Elevated Feeder


  • Elevated feeder to reduce muscle strain.
  • Easy to clean up the mess.
  • Enhancing the digestive system.
  • Two stainless steel feeding bowls.
  • Easy to carry indoor & outdoor.
  • Snap the tight latch to keep food dry and fresh.

As the name mentions Elevated, the feeder is raised to 12. 25″ height with the help of plastic legs. This is an ideal feeder for your adorable dog in your home.

Though the legs of the feeder are removable. But by eating from high altitudes, your animal’s digestive capacity will increase and your pet will be relieved from neck pain.

It has a width of 21. 25″ in which two high resistible food bowls made of stainless steel are easily placed. From which your pet can comfortably eat food and can quench thirst.

Tightly enclosed by latches and airtight seal to keep the food dry and fresh.

Feeding often ends messy. So to keep the mess to a minimum extent, the rims of the feeder are uplifted. Ultimately, fewer scraps to clean.

5. PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder


  • Feed your pet up to 10 meals a day.
  • Control remotely from anywhere.
  • A double fresh lock system.
  • Low food alert.
  • Personalized feeding plans.
  • Can dispense any kind of dry food.
  • Add an extra meal via the manual feed button.

The PetKit automatic pet feeder can be controlled remotely from your mobile by installing the app in your device. Connect the feeder to wifi and feed your furry ferret from wherever you are.

With this app, set a meal schedule for your pet remotely from anywhere. This feeder dispenses food from 5-200g which can be imparted from 1/20 to ½ cup depending on your pet’s hunger.

Here comes the best part, the wifi connection is lost somehow; the feeder will continue dispensing food following the given schedule.

PetKit automatic feeder has an extensive paunch that can store about 3.3lbs of dry food. As a result, your pet always gets fed at a preset time.

Because of having a unique lock of the double fresh system made of Desiccant Box the feeder keeps the food dry & fresh throughout the day. Plus, due to the silicon sealing, no foods will be wasted from now on. So, put your mind at ease.

Well, yeah food will be swallowed & you will need to refill. But no worries.

This pet feeder has a built-in low food sensor that will automatically notify you if the hopper becomes nil.

Sharing is caring. Other than only filling your pet’s tummy, also share your delightful experience of raising your pet with other pet raisers through PetKit mobile app. You can also have conversations with them.

6. WOPET SmartFeeder – 6-Meal Auto Pet Feeder

WOPET SmartFeeder - 6-Meal Auto Pet Feeder


  • HD 720p camera with a 120° angle wide lens.
  • Easy meal schedule making system.
  • Can hold up to 20 cups of food.
  • Video record & audio conversation.
  • Can dispense dry food from 0.2-0.6 diameter.
  • The total area of 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inches.

With its 720pixel wide lens HD camera, watch over your adorable pet from wherever you are. Just get connected with the feeder by installing the WoPet feeder app.

The camera also has a dual audio system which allows you to record video & communicate with your lonely friend at home.

With the help of the app, you will be able to easily create a meal schedule for your little guinea pig. At any time, from anywhere depending on your pet’s needs.

The feeder has 2 food dispensing systems which depend on the size of the food trays. Food trays come in two sizes small and large. Choose according to your pet’s demand.

WOPET SmartFeeder can dispense food 1/39 portions, almost 10-12 gm per portion. This will help you to keep your pet healthy by selecting an accurate food portion and unit of food dispense depending on your pets’ needs. And create a healthy food habit.

The feeder has a food pellet size starting from 0.2-0.6 inches which is only suitable for dry food. It can give out food up to 6 meals a day. Easy hopper remover and easy to clean.

7. WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder

WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder


  • Two keypress programmable functions to avoid pet touch.
  • Contain 6L of food.
  • Built-in infrared detection.
  • Built-in voice recorder and speaker.
  • Dispense 4 meals a day.

This automatic pet feeder will impress you with its built-in infrared detection technology. This function will prevent food spills from the hopper if there are foods left in the ball.

Infrared detection works for all kinds of dry food within the size of 1cm * 1cm. Larger size pet foods might get stuck during dispense. So, choose the correct size of food and your worry about food waste will be over.

By reading the title you can easily realize that the hopper you can hold 6L of foods, as a result, be free from the worry of food refills every now and then.

Westlink feeder comes with a cushy food dispense function. It can dispense meals from 1-39 portions, every portion containing around 10-12g of food. Hence, by setting up exact meal dispense portions up to 4 times a day, easily invigorate your pet or tackle the tummy of an overweight pet

Record a 10 second audio of calling out your kitty using Westlinks built-in voice recorder. So, by the time of meal, the feeder will gently call your kitty with its loud and clear built-in Speaker.

8. HICTOP Automatic Pet Feeder

HICTOP Automatic Pet Feeder


  • The large food container of 6.5 L capacity.
  • Elastic switch sealing of food containers.
  • Built-in infrared detection system.
  • Voice recorder & speaker.
  • LCD screen to program the meal schedule.
  • Small & large food dispenser functionality.

A grandly designed black HICTOP automatic pet feeder is a beauty with quality.

A programmable meal schedule will help you to select the proper amount of food for your small little puppy at home. You will be able to distribute a separate amount of food to your pet through this feeder.

Plus, this feeder can dispense 1-39 portions of food 4 times a day. And each portion is about 10g that’s 2tbspn. It also comes with a small part paddle that can dispense 5g of food.

But it depends on the food size. So, choose the correct dispense portion so that your pet neither gets overweight nor left hungry.

The eye-catching LCD screen on the front body, through which you can swiftly program meal schedules for your pet. Hence, your little friend gets to eat flawlessly & routinely.

HICTOP feeder has a built-in infrared detection system. Therefore, your pets’ food does not get jammed while dispensing. In addition to this, it will not dispense food if there is still food left in the bowl.

This multi-functional feeder has a huge capacity of holding 6.5 L of pet food which is equal to 28cups. Thus, no stress of refilling food within a short interval of time.

The food container has a transparent lid which is sealed by a unique elastic switch that prevents greedy pets from stealing food. Hence preserve the nutrition of the dry food.

9. Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Cat And Dog Feeder

Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Cat And Dog Feeder


  • Food storage with twist-lock lid.
  • Three-button LCD to set meal schedule.
  • Two size food containers.
  • Easy to clean the food bowl.
  • Easy programmable 3 times meal.

A sleek twist-lock lid food container, which keeps the dry food crunchy and fresh to eat. As a result, your furry friend gets proper nutrition and has a healthy life. Bonus, easy for you to monitor the food level as the hopper covers itself with a transparent lid.

Feed your adorable, lovely pet depending on their health status. As, this feeder comes with two food reservoirs – small and large. Small hoppers can store 18-cups of food & large hoppers can store 30-cups of pet food.

So, choose for yourself.

Always keep your pet fed with this programmable feeder. Just select the timetable on the excellent LCD screen set on the feeder & set accurate portions of food for your pet. From now on, your pet will never be hungry even if you are out of the home.

So, clean up the mess with no stress. Easily remove the food bowl. Wash it with warm soapy water, clean it with a towel. The rest of the feeder is completely dishwasher safe.

10. HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder

HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Feeder


  • Food storage with twist-lock lid.
  • Three-button LCD to set meal schedule.
  • Two size food containers.
  • Easy to clean the food bowl.
  • Easy programmable 3 times meal.

No more anxiety about food wastage. With its built-in infrared detection system. This function turns the splendid HG logo button red, to notify you that the feeding bowl is full.

Again, when the food levels get low this feeder will also turn blue light to alert you that your refill time is soon or your pet might stay hungry. Just choose a kibble size of 0.6 otherwise food might get stuck.

This smart feeder can contain 13 cups of dry food. As it can dispense food from 1 to 80 portions & each meal contains 0.28 oz dry food; 6 meals a day. Simply schedule the proper portion of food for your pet to dispense and say bye to your worry of a pet staying hunger.

Additionally, even if the feeder gets disconnected or shut down; your whitish little rabbit will get its rightful share of food.

HoneyGuardin feeder comes with an uncommon inversion motor. If by any chance your pet food gets stuck during dispense this inversion motor will rotate & release the food.

Record a 10-second voice clip in this feeder; at mealtime, it will play clip via its built-in speaker to call your pet to eat. Hence, this feeder will also fill up your absence.

11. WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder 2 Meal

WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder 2 Meal


  • Pop up the lid to preserve the food.
  • Twine ice packs to keep food dry.
  • Programmable two meals within 48 hours.
  • Easy removable & easy to clean.
  • Separate timer for the separate feeder.

Wopet 2 meal automatic feeder presents to you a flip lid food cover. The flip automatically opens itself during the scheduled feed time. As a result, food holds its nutrition & remains safe from your pet.

This feeder has a dispensing system that will dispense 2 meals each within 48 hours. So, keep the stress away from the unusual eating habit of your pet.

Worrying about your overweight greedy cat? This feeder has food bowls that can contain 1.5 cups of food, each. At the fixed time, the lid of the feeder pops up automatically to feed your cat. So, keep your pet healthy & no devouring of excess food.

Refreshing food is very important for your pet to remain healthy & fit. For this purpose, this feeder gives you twine ice bags to place under each food bowl to keep the dry food fresh & crunchy.

And with its removable food tray, you can easily clean up the mess after feeding your pet.

12. Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer

Petmate Replendish Gravity Waterer


  • Slowly dispense water to prolong refill.
  • Can store ½ to 4 gallons of water.
  • Water bowl made of Microban Protection.
  • Easy to clean & refill the water container.
  • 4 sizes of bottles available.

Concerning about clean & fresh water for your pet, the Petmate gravity waterer has a charcoal filter to provide your pet fresh and healthy water. This charcoal filter is very easy to replace.

The water bowl of this water feeder is made up of antimicrobial protection. As a result, stinky-smelling bacteria along with another harmful germ cannot grow at the base of the bowl; providing clean & fresh water for your pet.

Water bottles can be disassembled effortlessly. Simply unscrew the bottle from the base then refill it as well as clean it without any extra pressure.

Petmate gravity water dispenser is available in 4 different sizes. From the capacity of 1/2 gallon up to 4 gallons. So, choose yourself which is required for your fuzzy little dog.

Plus, this water dispenser gradually supplies water to your pet. So, you won’t need to worry about refilling it again and again within a short time.

13. AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder And Water Dispensers

AmazonBasics Gravity Pet Food Feeder And Water Dispensers


  • Twin feeder and waterer.
  • Easy to hold via side cut handles.
  • Non-skid rubber for stable placement.
  • Can hold up to 2.5 gallons of water & 12 cups of food.
  • Can be washed by hands.
  • Keeps food or water bowls full through a gravity dispense system.
  • Extra-wide mouth food & water storage hopper.
  • Perfect for cat and dog.

One of the best automatic pet feeders from AmazonBasics. This feeder delivers to you a great quality pet feeder as well as a water dispenser. Both of them act upon gravity. As soon as the water or food, or both of them gets low in the bowl, to balance a harmonious flow the hoppers release fresh water and dry food to the bowls.

Easily refill the hoppers of both the feeder & dispenser. Just unscrew them, hold their wide-open mouth upward & fill them up with crunchy dry foods up to 12 cups & water up to 2.5 gallons.

Simply set the base onto both of the hoppers & put them down. And those champs will do the rest for your lovely pet.

The hopper of the feeder and water dispenser is moisture resistant & very durable, as they are made of strong PP plastic. Plus, both of them are PET transparent.

As a result, along with keeping the food & water fresh; they will also give you the benefit of monitoring the water and food level at a glance.

Easily hold the feeder and waterer by grabbing the side-cuts handle around the base. Clean them inside out through the wide-mouth of the hopper with warm soapy water or air dryer.

For their stability during feeding or watering of your pet, a non-skid rubber pad has been set on the bottom of each one of them.

14. IRIS USA Elevated Dog Feeder

IRIS USA Elevated Dog Feeder


  • Elevated feeder to reduce neck strain & enrich the digestion system.
  • Two stainless bowls to feed your pet.
  • Ideal for large dogs.
  • Airtight food container.
  • Snap-lock designed latch.
  • Available in 3 sizes.

Chihuahua, Bulldog, German Shephard – any kind of breed, feed them with the various sized IRIS elevated dog feeders. They come in 3 sizes.

F-S-S feeder can hold up to 18cups of dry food and 2 1-pint bowls. F-S-M feeder can hold up to 46cups of dry food and 2 1-quart bowls. F-S-L feeder can hold up to 64cups of dry food and 2 2-quart bowls.

Keep your pet’s food fresh and crunchy as these containers are completely airtight sealed. So, no bugs are allowed to spoil the food in these containers.

Comfortably carry the feeder by holding the snap-lock latch anywhere to feed your pet.

Feed your pet from strong, resistible stainless bowls at the top of the feeder. Two bowls are easily placed onto the top of the feeder. And eating from a certain height reduces neck pain, and helps to improve the digestion system of your pet.

15. WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Up To 4 Meals.

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser Up To 4 Meals.


  • Infrared induction methods to prevent food spills out.
  • Can dispense up to 4 meals a day.
  • Built-in voice recorder & speaker.
  • Available 2 different food dispense.
  • Easy to remove the feeding tray
  • Has an angled chute for smooth food dispense.
  • Dishwasher safe feeding tray.
  • An LCD screen with programming panel.

With a huge storage capacity of 7L & a high-quality hopper locking function, WOPET automatic feeder allows you to feed medium to large pets with crackling dry food.

You can choose from 2 different sized containers depending on your pet’s appetite. 1-39 portions of food, each portion equals 5g of food for small to medium size pets; is the S unit container. 

And the same portion of the food dispenser but each portion contains 10g of food for large size pets; is the L unit container.

Smoothly program feeding time up to 4 meals a day, on the high-quality LCD screen of the feeder. You can choose the amount of food portion ranging from 2 teaspoons to 4.5 cups. So, never miss feeding your pet while you are distant.

It has a built-in recorder and speaker. Press & hold the mic button to record a cute voice clip of calling your pet to eat. And the feeder will play that clip during your puppy’s mealtime.

With its advanced infrared detection method, prevent your pet’s food from spilling out or get jammed in the hopper. Plus, the angled tube mouth of the hopper helps to smoothly dispense food.

Feed your pet on the hygienic food tray which is easily removable & totally dishwasher safe. So, clean it at a few day’s interval and give your pet a healthy food environment.

Remember to power up the feeder with both the cable & batteries for avoiding any missing meals.

16. Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Feeder 3L


  • Food capacity 3L.
  • Infrared induction system to prevent overflow.
  • LCD screen control panel.
  • Manufacture by BPA plastic-free materials.
  • Can dispense up to 4 meals a day.
  • 3mt USB cable to charge.
  • It can be manually fed.
  • Clear built-in speaker & voice recorder.

Engineered with an easy food refilling method. The hopper of this automatic cat feeder can store 3L of pet food. So, just rotate the lid of the hopper & pull up the lid, fill up the hopper with your pet’s food. A round-shaped strong lid seals the hopper to keep the food safe & fresh.

Set up the timetable for your pet’s mealtime on the LCD control panel. Select the portion of food you want to feed your pet from 1-39 portions; each portion contains 5g food. This feeder can dispense 4 meals per day.

You can also manually set the food portions along with the mealtime; either your pet needs an extra meal or excludes a meal.

Built-in infrared detection system to stop food dispensing if the food tray is full. Result! No wastage of your pet’s expensive food.

With its built-in speaker & voice recorder, record a voice clip of calling your friend to eat. At the scheduled meal time, the feeder will play your pre-recorded clip to remind your pet to eat.

17. Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser

Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser


  • Food store capacity of 1.4gallons.
  • Dispensing capacity of 4 meals a day.
  • Magnetic lid cover to protect the food.
  • ABS plastic made.
  • Easy to remove and clean the food tray.
  • Cord power length of 5 feet.
  • Easy programming panel through a blue LCD display & watch.

The automatic pet feeder from Arf pets gives you an easy blue light LCD screen to schedule meals. You can choose a food portion from 1-10 which is about 2 tablespoons of food per portion.

Just, set the essential food portion for your pet & this feeder will dispense from a minimum 1 cup to a maximum of 4 cups of food to your pooch daily.

The hopper has a magnetic lid lock system to protect the food from greedy pets’ paws and bugs.

Hence, a crispy and fresh meal each day for your pet friend. Arf Pets feeder is made of high tempered & nonreactive ABS plastic.

Without brooding over your pet food getting stinky & pale, just fill up the 1.4 gallons of hooper with dry pet food to feed your pet.

You need to call your lazy cat for meals. So what? Record a 10-second voice clip in the feeder. And it will whoop your pet to feed by playing the voice.

18. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog And Cat Feeder

18. PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog And Cat Feeder


  • Versatile food portion for your pet.
  • Alexa enabled feeder.
  • It can be operated through a SmartPhone by the app.
  • Up to 12 meal dispense functions.
  • Low food alert.
  • Dishwasher safe hopper, bowl for easy cleanup.
  • Automatic replenish your pets’ loved food.
  • Unique Slow feed & “Feed Now”pet-free preset button.

Out of home? Late at work? Operate PetSafe smart feeder from anywhere by the PetSafe app. By enabling Alexa within it, ask Alexa to feed your pet; it will take care of your pets’ meals prudently.

PetSafe feeder has a slow dispense operation system for your quick food eater pet. It can dispense meals after a 15 minutes interval, hence your pet gets food without disturbing the digestive system.

With a holding capacity of 24cups of dry or semi-moist food, the hopper will notify you if the food level gets low or becomes empty. So no need to notice repeatedly.

This feeder can dispense up to 12 meals a day. So, program a mealtime by your Smart Phone depending on your pet’s demand from ⅛ cups to 4 cups per meal. Plus, it has a Feed Now option to feed your pet out from the fixed schedule by the App or Pet Free button.

A strong & sustainable stainless steel bowl with an easy-to-remove holder to feed your pet, so that during feeding the bowl doesn’t get flipped. In addition, the top food container is a top-class dishwasher safe as a result pretty much easy to clean.

19. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

19. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser


  • Built-in 720p, 110-degree wide-angle camera.
  • One way audio function.
  • App-controlled by IOS or Android.
  • IR function for night mode imaging & video.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Dispense treat to cheer your pet.
  • Dash replenishment to reorder the treat.

Accompany your pet from a far distance with the Petzi treat cam. This treat dispenser has a modest 30fps fixed lens, 110-degree angle built-in camera with autofocus. So, gladly snap a candid or take lovely pics of your pet.

Even at night look after your pet by enabling Night Mode since the camera has IR features, which activates the infrared light during the night. As a result, you can see your pet in clear black & white mode even in dim light.

While watching, cheer up your pet with exhilarating words through a one-way device speaker. It’s clear & loudspeaker quality will definitely make your pet breezy.

As the title says, you can dispense treats to your pet remotely from your smartphone by the secured Petzi app. Fill up the dispenser with tasty treats & amaze your pet with an unexpected piece of treat.

It has enabled dash replenishment function which records your pet’s favorite treat so whenever the treat gets low, the dispenser will record it & order it automatically.

20. Dr. Feeder 4.5L Smart HD Camera Feeder

Dr. Feeder 4.5L Smart HD Camera Feeder


  • Two-way audio device to talk with your pet.
  • Built-in HD camera & live video stream.
  • 4.5L food capacity.
  • Food dispensing up to 4 meals a day.
  • Feed anytime by manual feed button.
  • Food tray made of harmless ABS plastic.
  • Easy cleaning food tray.
  • Hopper right for only dry food.

The name describes itself, the hopper of this feeder can hold 4.5L of dry pet food. Set up a flexible meal schedule for your pet up to 4 meals a day.

And Dr. Feeder will feed your pet on time.

You can access Dr. Feeder via your smartphone. Just install the free app and don’t forget to connect the feeder to your home wifi. Place the feeder as near as possible to the router to work properly. From now on, feed your pet remotely from anywhere.

This automatic food dispenser can dispense 1-10 portions of food. So figure out your pet’s required food portion. Set the unit of food dispenses into the feeder. Straightway the feeder will start stashing your pet’s tummy.

With its built-in HD camera and wide-angle view, keep an eye over your lovely kitty whenever you desire. It also has a two-way audio device to unite with your pet instantly through your mobile.

Along with the camera and audio device, you can also record lovely slapsticks of your pet. And share on social media.

Food container has a lid lock program to protect foods from greedy pets; as well as preserving the nutrition of the food for your pet. So no more pale & stinky food for your pet.

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A Buying Guide for Best Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Automatic pet Feeder

No wonder that you are aware of your pet’s health & diet, that’s why you are reading this post. After going through all the reviews above, now you are going to buy the best automatic pet feeder finally.

But before investing your money, you should check out some essential features in the automatic feeder you are gonna buy. So, below are some of the important aspects every automatic pet feeder should comprehend to satisfy your pets’ needs.

Food Capacity

An automatic pet feeder can dispense food up to 4 meals, 6 meals, 10 meals even 12 meals a day. For example, PetSafe Smart pet Feeder can dispense 12 meals a day. 

It all depends on the food container. So, the more food storage capacity a feeder has, the less you will need to refill now and then.

Plus, if you somehow have a gutsy pet; you should look for food dispensers that come with a slow feed preset which dispenses food after every 15 minutes. Helpful to prevent vomiting, digestion problems or devouring.

Food Portion

You need to provide a balanced food diet to your pet as a means to keep them healthy and not gaining weight. Different feeders have food dispensing ability from a maximum of 1-39 to a minimum of 1-10 portions. So, choose the right portion dispensing feeder depending on your pet’s physical state.


An elegant food container lock with an airtight seal is the one you should look for in an automatic feeder. Why? It’s gonna keep your food fresh and preserve the nutrition intact. Plus, it will save food from greedy pets and harmful insects.

Feeder Materials

Automatic feeders made of ABS plastic, food bowls made of stainless steel should be bought for the betterment of your pet’s health. Since germs, harmful bacteria cannot produce in these materials easily. Still, if you are in confusion, then Arf Automatic Pet feeder is the right choice for you. 

Extra Features

Additional features will give you a bonus stress-free time during feeding your pet. Importantly, Infrared detection to send low food alerts or prevent jamming food, built-in HD camera to watch over from distant, voice recorder & speaker.

Wifi-enabled feeders will give you the advantage of fixing the meal schedule, meal portion remotely by installing the free app on your smartphone. The PetKit automatic pet feeder is a great example for that. 

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

Are these pet-feeders safe to use?

Yep, these pet feeders are completely safe to use and you won’t have to worry a bit about your tamed furry friend facing any issue.

Which Brand is the best for my pet?

Every product mentioned over here is different and holds unique features. However, if you want a specific answer, I would suggest going for SureFeed. No wonder it’s on place 1.

Will I get any warranty for these products?

Of course, however, the seller you’ll buy it from will tell you all the details.

Wrapping Up!

That was everything on the reviews. Now that you’ve gone through everything, I think you’ll be able to find the best automatic pet feeder all by yourself. I’ve mentioned the 20 best products available. So I don’t think you’ll have any problem picking.