Are Rabbits Good Pets? Rabbits as Pets Pros and Cons

“Are rabbits good pets?” If you receive a mail like that from your retired mom after so many days, then it’s reasonable to get surprised, so do I. In fact, the degree of wonder was a bit higher.

Because, I have already decided to awe her with a pair of rabbits on upcoming “Mothers Day” Even, created motivational writing for her as if she wanted to have a rabbit after reviewing that.

But the mail has changed my mind and decided to share the motivational idea with you so that, you can suggest me some more ideas. Shall I?

Mom, take the first step please, would you?

Do you remember? A few weeks back, you wanted to know, either rabbit is good or bad about it. I did not reply to that question promptly because I tried to answer the question with some thought-provoking facts. Here are the facts:

Five Unknown facts about rabbits you must know 

  • The listening range of a rabbit is 360 to 42,000 hertz which is way burlier than a human being.
  • Their eyesight is very sensitive as their ear because the eyes are situated over the side portion of the head.
  • Smelling and memorizing power of rabbits are exceptional. Cause this power helps them to detect hunter near them, in advance. Also with their inhaling power, they can memorize the owner`s aura. For that reason, they can differ between owner and predator.
  • They are also an excellent food tester that is the reason behind choosing fresh food always.

Lastly, the bristle in front of them helps to understand who is touching before getting touched. Maybe you are wondering for: Why did I say “you must know” and how are the facts related to your answer? Right, mom? 

Here are the reasons: 

Since you are vegan, the rabbit is also vegan (herbivore) they will reduce some trouble because they love to eat vegetables like carrots, broccoli, lettuce, and other vegetables. So together you can enjoy the lunch dinner.

Also, they will alert you before any imminent danger by using their sense. Moreover, for passing quality time rabbits are ideal because they maintain down to dusk theory as their routine life.

Even they lead a neat and clean life inside the home, for that you just need to nurture them for a few hours, by checking up their litter box, food stock, and their physical condition.

Getting the rabbit’s physical condition is slightly tough, but it will not bother you because there is a trick for you.

The trick is:

Can you recall Mrs. Binky? The babysitter of my brother. Just remember her name cause there is a term called “binky” for the rabbit world which means – “a physically fit rabbit will jump in the air and bend its body at the time of jumping”. That’s the trick for realizing that: a rabbit is fit, mom.

Are you convinced now? Well, since I don’t know whether you are convinced or not, have decided to share some advantage and disadvantage of rabbit adoption.

Rabbits as pets pros and cons

The Pros of Rabbit

  • Since you will pass most of your time at home then there is nothing better than having a rabbit, cause bunnies are fit with the home environment.
  • As you spend 3 hours time afternoon in our backyard, just take them with you, that’s enough for them to exercise.
  • Even you can earn by selling them- recently I have seen a statistic where has mentioned that, American household own about five million rabbits and rabbits are the 3rd most favorite pet in the USA.
  • Since they produce 4 to 12 baby bunny from the age of their 7 months, you can also sell them to fulfill the meat purpose of many restaurants.
  • Next, you don’t need enough budget for raising them cause they eat very simple food such as green hay and vegetable. I have already told above.
  • Another thing is that Lifetime of rabbits are better than any other animal, almost 8 to 12 years they can last if you look after them properly.
  • You don’t need to build a great house for them, just a cage is enough to foster rabbits.

The Cons of Rabbit

  • The over-growing tooth is a common disease for rabbits, so there are considerable chances to cut wire, board, the carpet of your home.
  • Rabbits bear a decent personality, like newborn baby, they don’t get comfortable with everyone so easily.
  • There is a cost for rabbit mutilating or spaying, if you can do that once, the rest of the rabbit fostering session will be great. But the default of neutering can bring a substantial behavioral problem, such as evil attitude, invasion, etc.

Mom, are you preparing to scold me. After reading the cons? Don’t worry; your son has the solution.


  1. To save our house from destruction, just give them some rabbit toys, such as a cardboard box, paper box, tissue box, you all that have at our home as leftover.
  2. Just give them time, I can assure you that they will be your best companion.
  3. The last one, just goes to a rabbit vet, he will do the neutering process within $100.Would you scold me after all of that? I know you are giggling right now. To sustain that heavenly giggle for a while, I have prepared some questions since you love to know about new things.

Frequently Asked Question & Answer

Que: Is there any difference between the rabbit and hares?

-Yes, there is a massive difference between hare and rabbit; they are: Rabbits take birth as blind and fur line. Furthermore, they cannot run after birth. But hares are the opposite of it.

Que: Is there any name for the baby rabbit?-

Yes, They are called Kit.

Que: Is there any name for a male and female rabbit?

-Yes, “buck” is used for male, “Doe” is used for female. At least thank me, for the information I have given to you through the question-answer session, mom. Well, let it be then, instead of thanking just satisfy your son by answering “Are rabbits boring pet?” still.

Final Verdict

That is the total motivational idea which I will inject to my mother’s mind by replying to her “are rabbits good pets?” question. Is it alright or should I include some more ideas? Let me know…


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