Are gerbils good pets? Things To Know Before Keeping Gerbil

Are you planning to have a gerbil? Well, gerbils are suitable as a pet. They are social, clean, and adorable. Petting gerbils can even make you financially healthy. So, how do you get benefited? A gerbil produces 50 babies during their reproduction life.

This is an opportunity for farm owners because the gerbils nearly cost $100 per year- in total. This means your total investment will pay off. Now, before petting gerbils, you need to know some necessary information.

Here are two questions and answers; that will allow you to learn a deep about gerbils.

Now, the 1st question is-

Are gerbils good pets?

Yes, A Gerbil is one of the best pets you can get.

For a good number of American households, Gerbils are chosen as the first pet for a child. This is because Gerbils are small and tiny, easy enough to maintain and pet. For this reason, Gerbils can make a great pet for kids or even for adults who prefer less mess in the house.

What’s interesting in a Gerbil is that it can’t live without a social environment. A Gerbil is mostly a social animal, and it can’t live a normal life if it chooses a solitary life. It will become unhealthy, gain more weight, and draw disease towards it if not taken care of by a human.

It’s easy to keep a Gerbil in your home. Although you can find some of the ideal gerbil cages in the market, a simple fish tank can be a great house for a Gerbil. If you have a 20-gallon fish tank that you are not using anymore, just wash it and put your Gerbil in it. That’s it!

Feeding this animal is absolutely an easy task. You can go for commercially made Gerbil food that you can buy from the local stores or from online ones. Side by side, you can feed it fresh fruits and vegetables, as well. It does show affection for boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, and cheese, but you need to limit these types of food as these may upset its stomach.

It’s fun to see your pet playing around and having fun. Gerbils are some of the most playful animals you can afford. It loves to chew and bite its toys. So make sure you are providing it with toys made from wood or other natural materials. Never go for plastic!

A Gerbils is basically a healthy animal that needs very few visits to a vet. Still, you need to pay a visit to the vet once in a while to see if it is working just fine!

Considering all these, you can see that why Gerbil suits to be one of the best pets ever.

Now our 2nd question is: 

How long do gerbils live as pets?

While Gerbils make a great pet for you in your household, there are some other species of this animal around the world that don’t pet at all. There are literally hundreds of species of Gerbil found across the globe.

For every other Gerbil, lifespan is not equal. Considering the type, the way they live, the place they inhabit, the lifetime of a Gerbil varies quite significantly.

Some wild Gerbils live for about a couple of years. But for most pet Gerbils that live with us in our houses, these tend to live for more than 3 years. Explicitly speaking, most of the pet Gerbils are expected from 3 to 5 years.

Still, there are some species of pets that can live for about 8 years, as well.

While basically, the span of life of a Gerbil depends mostly on its genetic traits, it also has to do with a lot of other external factors as well. Things like the quality of food it intakes, the environment it lives in, the regular activity it goes through – these are some of the examples of factors that shape the lifetime of a Gerbil.

According to the experts, these are the key factors that determine the length of life of a Gerbil.

Breed: There are more than 110 types of breeds we have for a Gerbil. Each has different lifespans.

Wildlife and Petlife: Generally speaking, pet Gerbils live longer lives than wild Gerbils.

Food and Water: Healthy food, nutritious intake, pure drinking water can have an effect on the life expectancy of a Gerbil.

Stressful Circumstances: If a Gerbil is living under stressful environments like in the wild where it is continuously hankered after by preditors, it lives shorter.

Genes: This is beyond explaining. If the gene factors define that a Gerbil will live long, it is surely going to live longer.

Considering these factors, it is easily visible why the pet Gerbils live longer. 


Once I heard someone say, “animals are such agreeable friends they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.” And I do believe this with all my heart. Gerbil is one of the most adorable and friendly pet animals you can ever find. The cuteness of Taylor Swift or BTS boys may melt your heart, but a gerbil would surely make you fall in love.

The question, “are gerbils’ good pets?” literally breaks my heart. Come on! Gerbils’ are not just good pets but one of the best pets in the world! So, don’t hesitate to make gerbil your family member today. You won’t regret it, trust me.

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